Dog Mange Overview

A dog is the most favorite pet of every household. That is why they are called man’s best friend because they are one of the most loyal and obedient mammals on earth. Owning a pet dog is adding another member in the family. For your pet to have a happily domesticated life, you must always care for him. If not attended to, they can be prone to illnesses and health conditions we may not be aware of.

Speaking of illnesses, canines are prone to common skin problems because of the presence of mites and other parasites that thrive in the dog’s skin. Dog mange is a common skin disease in canines that is characterized by heavy itching caused by parasitic mites that burrow either on the skin or hair follicles of the dog.

This discomforting skin condition when worsened can lead to scaling and scabbing of the skin. Generally, dog mange is common to dogs but can also infect other mammals including humans. If your dog has this kind of disease, attend to it immediately as this may infect other members in the family.

There are two primary types of dog mange: Demodectic Mange and Sarcoptic Mange. Both types differ in the kind of microscopic mite that attacks the dog. Demodectic Mange, otherwise known as Red Mange, is common among puppies from 3 to 12 months old. The mites, called Demodex Canis, invade the dog’s skin and multiply easily causing the decrease of the dog’s resistance.

The rapid increase of these mites in number usually happens when the dog has a poor immune system and malnutrition problem. If not treated right away, the mange can worsen and might cause the life of your pet. If another animal is infested with this kind of skin disease, the condition is called Demodicosis.

The second type of dog mange is the Sarcoptic mange which is also caused by attacks of microscopic mites called Sarcoptes Scabiei Canis. This condition is commonly called scabies which is not rare among dogs. This kind of mange can be passed on to other animals. Dog mange is a highly treatable disease upon the initial diagnosis but can be life-threatening to your dogs if not identified right away. Maintaining the health of your pet dog is one way of caring for him. Your dog needs to be pampered, being a member of the household.